Breaking Free

I’m fired up. I need to write. Anything and everything that comes to my mind, regardless of what alternative thoughts fill out through my head. It was beautiful. Spectacular. Probably the most amazing anime that I have ever and will probably ever have the pleasure of watching.

I need release. Trapped in my body too long have I been. Suppressed by the need to conform. To be accepted. Where and when did I lose myself to the will of others? When did I lose that shine that made me who I really am inside. I’ve always thrived on my creative imagination. All through elementary – all through junior high and high school. It was my release. And now?

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Blown Away by Mary Doodle’s: “Time Bomb”

It’s rare to come across a storytelling video that’s based mainly on the visual process, especially when the medium is a mix between traditional drawing and modern film effects.

Mary Doodles, an artist who shares her work through the YouTube platform, put on a beautiful story with her work entitled “Time Bomb” – which tells a story of a man who travels through time to save the woman he loves.

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It’s all a matter of accepting “The Duff”


There’s always that certain appeal about high school films with the message surrounding self image. Like most fairytales, I thought that I would have seen it all by now when it came to a typical high school, status-quo type film. However, Ari Sandel’s “The Duff” proved me otherwise.

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A Few Cogs Short of a Clockwork

Clockwork Orange Header

A Clockwork Orange, classified as a movie classic – at least, that’s what my friends who have recommended it to me classify it as. While there may be some aspects of the film that I agree are quite spectacular, the costumes, the make-up, what have you… The rest threw me off of ever wanting to watch the film again. It may be a classic, but a classic to anybody other than myself.

WARNING: the following may include SPOILERS

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A New Kind of Fairytale…

Winter's Tale 2014 Header Blog

I would have thought I heard it all when it came to fairytales. They basically tell the same story – boy meets girl, the two fall in love, there is a danger present – either through a villain or set circumstances – the love of the two overcome all evil and they end up together happily ever after. This is exactly what I thought while reading the back cover of Akiva Goldsman’s “Winter’s Tale”. A thought that would soon turn out to be completely wrong.

(Warning: May Contain Spoilers)

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LUCY: my Guide

Review Heading LUCY copy


While it may not have been the absolute best film I have ever seen, “LUCY” (starring Scarlett Johansson) opened my eyes in a way that I never could have imagined.

I walked into the theatre as a mere girl hoping to catch a good film to talk about. Never would I have thought that I would walk out almost in a trance, thinking of all the possibilities that could define the meaning of existence. It made me look around –  REALLY look – and wonder: what is the purpose of everything?

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I Have Been Taken Twice Over

Review Heading Taken and Taken 2

I really don’t have an answer when it comes to why I have never started watching the Taken films up until this point, because I really wish I had sooner. Especially since I myself am a big fan of Liam Neeson. It might have been that I was expecting another one of those films where it was non-stop action and there was no room for the protagonist to fail. I was also worried that by watching it, it would seem like it was over-hyped, another film that everyone seemed to love for no apparent reason. Every clip I watched didn’t seem intriguing, and even the famous line “I will find you, and I will kill you” seemed like an over-dramatization. This might be the reason I didn’t feel compelled to watch the movie initially.

It wasn’t until I found the Blu-ray version in my parents house that I decided to give the movie a go. It may not have called out to me to run out and buy it myself, but I’m not one to pass up an opportunity when it basically jumps out at me.

WARNING: the following may contain SPOILERS

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A Funny Little Thing Called Film…

Everything about film screams out to me. Why? Because it is a visual type of art that feels different every time I view it.

The absolute beauty of film is that it is a combination of talent that creates a masterpiece as a whole. Ever doubt that group projects can create something magnificent? Well, film counters that argument in an almost mystifying way. That’s why I love watching movies so much (yes, even those that don’t turn out so well). It’s open to interpretation to the point where I could watch a film over and over again and still have a new experience because there is always something else to take from it.

I do understand that this isn’t the case for every film out there. There have been a ton of movies that I have watched and they didn’t excite me. There are movies that I have seen and probably never will again because they simply seem to have no point, bore me, or have completely repulsed me. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to ignore the fact that they are out there, it only means that film is just like any other form of art – open to judgement and (as I have stated above) interpretation.

My purpose of this blog is not to review films in an analytic way (talk about boring), but rather explain why certain films stood out to me in either a positive or negative light. I will consider different aspects of the film, of course, as well as state what “spoke to me” (so to say). Whether or not you decide to watch these films based on my judgments is completely up to you. I’m just putting out what you might expect, or (if you have already seen the film) give you another point of view.